Conect Enterprises successfully held their Dye Sublimation Open Day at Roland DG Creative Centre in Melbourne on February 17th, with strong positive feedback from the attendees; with over forty people present on the day. Representatives from Roland DG Australia, Sihl AG and ErgoSoft were also there to share their expert knowledge.


The event showcased the Conect launch of the Roland XT-640 Dye Sublimation printer and the launch of the Sihl Sublicolor paper range. Attendees were treated to an overview of the Roland range of solutions including the CS-64 calendaring press and heard about the key benefits of the ErgoSoft RIP.


Darren Sunderland from Roland DG was confident the new offering was a true full solution for the end user, “The greatest benefit of the Texart range of printers is that it is a full Roland solution; from the ink - to the RIP - to the printer itself, we can back our five year warranty on the XT-640. The genuine Roland Ink has been developed to work well with our print head, and reinforces our warranty issue, and it’s priced competitively in the marketplace.”


“The XT-640 is a pretty easy and straightforward machine to use, meaning it can be a one person experience which I think is important” added Darren.


Speaking of the Open Day, Tobias Sternbeck from Sihl AG was full of praise, “today was a great opportunity for Conect to show the customers in Australia what kind of package you have in total. It’s a very nice package where the ink is perfectly running with the print heads, and perfectly running with the paper and a five year warranty – it’s hassle free.”


The partnership between Conect, Roland DG and Sihl is something that Tobias views as perfect, “we can combine our knowledge, bring it to the market together, this is the perfect thing as this is what the customer needs. They want to have the knowledge from the outside world, to see what is happening not only in Australia, but also around the world.”


All attendees left the day with a wealth of information, Terry from Priority Printing was very impressed with the colours in particular, “when it was put on the press and dye sublimated – it looked fantastic. The ErgoSoft can produce up to 73% of pantone colours which is pretty high; we have had a lot of trouble in the past with other RIPs that we use, so this is very impressive.”


The next Dye Sublimation Day will be held at Roland DG Creative Centre Sydney on April 21st. Bookings can be made at


For more information on our Dye Sublimation Solutions contact our Dye Sublimation & Heat Transfers Product Manager – James Smith +61 447 446 419