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Avery Dennison Supreme Protection Film (SPF-XI) will help improve and safeguard the vehicles aesthetics, all while helping to retain the cars resale value. SPF-X1 is a high quality Termoplastic Polyurethane film the prevents damage from a range of things like, stone chips, road debris, insect stains and weathering, thanks to the self-healing top-coat. The film is easy to apply and is ultra-clear to ensure excellent aesthetics. Wet application is recommended, with soap solution of 100% water with 2ml of soap per 1lt of water.

  • Room temperature ‘self-healing’ performance
  • Up to 10 years UV resistance
  • Solid heat resistance
  • Low initial tack for wet application
  • Easy to trim and remove 
  • High gloss finish
  • Durable optical clarity
  • Smooth, even surface
  • 165 Micron gloss clear top coat aliphatic polyurethane

    *Note: Always remove the protective PET top sheet immediately after cutting material from the roll or before converting using a plotter or flatbed cutter.
    *Sold by the metre

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