Looking for a glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl? Look no further, P.S. Lumen is your go to product for this type of application! Available in an off white colour that gives off a green glow. Need more info? Check out the tabs below

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What's is the colour of the glow?

P.S. Lumen gives off a green glow (even though the data sheet says it's yellow!)

How long does the glow last for?

Depending on how long it was charged for, it could last anywhere up to 6 hours!

What blade should I use when cutting this film?

A standard blade will be fine. However for best results, we always recommend the 5025 blade over the 1005 blade.

Can I use an iron to apply the film?

We always recommend using a good, solid, reliable heat press. However if you don't have access to one, then please have a look at this You Tube clip for the best way to apply using an iron.

Do I need app tape to apply the film?

No, you do not need app tape, just cut the film in reverse using a vinyl cutter and then use it's own backing to apply.

Can I multi-layer the films?

Yes you can, but just be weary that if you multi-layer you will lose some of the glow!

What are the care instructions?

Please wait 24 hours before the first wash, then you can wash up to 40 degrees. Unfortunately the product can not be dry cleaned. Once the garment is dry, their is no need to turn the garment inside out when ironing as you can iron directly over the film.

Can I apply P.S. Lumen to nylon or stretchy fabrics?

Unfortunately you can't. But one way to get around it with nylons, is to apply P.S. Extra first and then apply P.S. Lumen over the top.

1) Do you have the correct heat? 150 degrees is required for P.S. Lumen.
2) Do you have the correct time? 15 seconds is required for P.S. Lumen.
3) Do you have the correct pressure? A light to medium pressure is required for P.S. Lumen.
4) Do you have a reliable heat press? Some heat presses give off an inconsistent heat which can effect the transfer adhering properly.
5) Have you checked for seams, collars or buttons getting in the way? If these things are in the way, then this effects the pressure which in turn effects the transfer adhering correctly. It could be a good idea to invest in some heat transfer pillows as this will help to avoid these things.
6) Are you applying the transfer to a nylon or coated polyestor? If applying to either of these fabrics, the coating can effect the transfer adhering to the garment.

Here is an application video that our friends at Siser North America have created. Don't worry that it uses the terminology "easy weed", this is the North American name for P.S. Enjoy the video.

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