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Visual Magnetics

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The Visual Magnetics Graphic SystemTM matches magnetic-receptive technologies with the highest quality print media, empowering brands to create dynamic in-store experiences that can be effortlessly updated.  




Visual Magnetics MagnaMedia is 100% PVC-free with 17 unique finishes and an entire line dedicated to natural and post-consumer based materials.


visual-magnetics-fabrics   visual-magnetics-veneers 

The MagnaMedia® Digital Fabric Collection brings warmth and 

luxury by adding unique, textured surfaces to graphic content. 


 Blend the classic and organic aesthetic of wood with the innovative 

technology of the Visual Magnetics Graphic System®.


image 3     image 2

         VM-CHALKboard is ideal for producing hand written menu

      boards, educational chalkboards and any other applications

                                requiring a chalk writable surface.


              VM-DRYerase is ideal for producing hand written menu

      boards, writable wall coverings and any other application requiring

                                           a dry erase writable surface.


Image1      image 4

             VM-POLYsatin provides a uniform photo-quality look and

                                      feel to the in-store experience. 

               VM-SYNpaper is an economical, clay coated, magnetic 

            receptive white polypropylene film with a satin print surface.





ActiveWall® micro-iron latex primer may be painted on any wall or surface, allowing for a complete wall graphic and in-store transformation.


InvisiLock® high energy magnet is custom engineered for optimised strength and adapts to almost any surface.


MagnaMedia® micro-ironprint media deliver photo-quality graphics that lay flat, adapt to any surface and can be easily updated by in-store personnel.


We have reduced our carbon footprint by offering print media made from post-consumer material and by recycling our retired graphics.





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