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White Promotional Film

At Conect Enterprises we have a range of affordable, digital promotional films that will cater to a wide range of applications;

Metamark is a highly recommended digital promotional film due to the specific types of adhesives and finishes. From a clear, to block out, to a “Metascape” (air release) and standard adhesive. Metamark has what it takes to provide every need in short term digital applications.

Mono Air is a well priced digital short term product, supplied as a gloss and matt, in a standard air release, with an easy removable adhesive, also available is a clear gloss overlaminate.

Avery Dennison MPI 3620 Quick Mount Wall Films, are available with either a High tack or Removable adhesive with a Matt finish that is ideal for indoor use due to the low glare.

All digital products are wound using gloves to ensure that it is clean and ready to print.

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