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Magnetic Rubber

Conect has a new range of magnetic rubber waiting for you, not only we have also extended our range passed the standard 0.9 and 0.6 but Conect now range sign in a tube, pre cut 0.9mm mag rubber at 375 x 425 and 375 x 610, 0.4 mag rubber, whiteboard and chalkboard material.

The key advantages are: -

  1. American made magnetic rubber – all other products on the market are Chinese/Taiwanese. Much softer and more pliable product (less brittle). Higher quality /      grade magnetic rubber (made from Car tyres)
  2. All are digitally printable (bar the whiteboard and chalkboard) on solvent and      latex. The Gloss paper is even printable on water based inkjet printers.
  3. Muscle Mag is the thinnest magnetic rubber that can be used on vehicles (only      0.4mm thick) as it’s a higher energy product than normal. This is the thinnest      product on the market for vehicle signage.
  4. Will have both gloss and matt in 0.6mm.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)