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We have a large selection of cast metallic vinyls for any applications to best suit your needs. Metallic Vinyl Films are a great addition to any design to make it pop and sparkle.

Having trouble trying to figure out the best way to select the right Vinyl for the job?

We suggest taking these small steps to help determine exactly what you need:

  1. Think about how long you need the film to last and what application you will use it for. 
  2. Think about the application and design - what colours would suit the design
  3. Think about the durability needed from the Vinyl - Does it need to have a long life? 
  4. What's my budget, what pricing will work?

SAVE WHEN YOU BUY BULK: With all of our Coloured films the more you purchase (of the one colour) the cheaper the price gets. Consider purchasing 5 metres, 20 metres or 45 metres to reduce your per meter cost of the film. The prices listed is what it would cost if you purchased 1 metre - 4 metres.

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)