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Recommended Siser products for Face Masks

Cut HTV's

Siser PS Film (Standard colours)
Siser PS Electric
Siser PS Stretch
Siser PS Extra
Siser PS Stretch
Siser PS Subli Lt
Siser PS Perforated
Siser PS Soft
Siser Sparkle
Siser HI-5
Siser Blackboard
Siser Glitter 2
Siser Metal
Siser Stripflock Pro (Standard colours excluding Black)
Siser Easy Patterns

Printable HTV's

Siser Easy Subli*
Siser Colorprint PU Gloss*
Siser Colorprint Matt*
Siser Sublithin Lt*
Siser HI-5 Print Matt*

Recommendations above are based on numerous factors including but not
limited to CPSIA certification, Oeko-Tex standards and phthalate count.
*Please check with Manufacturer to make sure inks safe.

Click here to watch How to decorate fabric face masks with Siser HTV