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Soft Print 3.0 is extremely thin, soft and lightweight only being 45 micron. This PU transparent has a polyester backing, created for inkjet digital print & cut systems with solvent or eco solvent inks. No application tape needed. this is incredibly stretchable and is soft to the touch making it idea for larger designs.

  • Please note:
  • There are two layers of transparent film coupled over the carrier.
  • Suitable for white or very light colored fabrics only.
  • Mirror print and cut the material
  • Wait at least one hour before weeding.

REACH compliant  
Certified VEGANOK

*Please see printing profiles in downloads for compatible printers

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More Information
Available widths 500mm, 750mm
Finishes Matt
Specification 45 Micron, Polyester carrier / backing
Adheres to 100% Cotton, Lycra/Spandex, Poly/cotton blends, 100% Polyester
Heat Application Pre-heat for 2-3 seconds, 155 Degrees, 15 Seconds, Medium Pressure, Peel warm
Washing Wait 24hrs before washing, 60 degree washability, Do not tumble dry, Do not dry clean, No bleach or aggressive chemicals
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What's the point of Soft Print Clear? Why wouldn't I just use Colorprint PU?

Soft Print Clear is a clear film which requires you to print in reverse and use it's own backing when applying. Due to it being a clear, it can only be used on white or light coloured garments due to the nature of transparent inks.

Can I print white first before printing the image so I can apply it to darker coloured garments?

Unfortunately you can't print a layer of white first before printing the image. 

Can I use an iron to apply the film?

Unfortunately you can't use an iron to apply the film. It's best to use a reliable heat press and follow the time, temperature and pressure settings accordingly.

Do I need app tape to apply the film?

No, you don't need app tape! As it's a clear film all you need to do is print in reverse and use it's own backing to apply.

What blade should I use when cutting this film?

A standard blade will be fine. However for best results, we always recommend the 5025 blade over the 1005 blade.

Do I need to out gas the product before applying the transfer to the garment?

It's best to let it out gas for around 12 hours.

Is the film available in gloss?

No, at this stage it's a matt only product.

Can I multi-layer the films?

Yes you can.

What are the care instructions?

Please wait 24 hours before the first wash, then you can wash up to 60 degrees (inside out). Unfortunately the product can not be dry cleaned. For best results, always wash inside out.

Can I apply Soft Print to nylon or stretchy fabrics?

Unfortunately you can't apply it to nylon.

If the transfer won't adhere to the garment after you've heat pressed it then please check the following;

1) Do you have the correct heat? 155 degrees is required for Soft Print.
2) Do you have the correct time? 15 seconds is required for Soft Print.
3) Do you have the correct pressure? A light to medium pressure is required for Soft Print.
4) Do you have a reliable heat press? Some heat presses give off an inconsistent heat which can effect the transfer adhering properly.
5) Have you checked for seams, collars or buttons getting in the way? If these things are in the way, then this effects the pressure which in turn effects the transfer adhering correctly. It could be a good idea to invest in some heat transfer pillows as this will help to avoid these things.
6) Are you applying the transfer to a nylon or coated polyestor? If applying to either of these fabrics, the coating can effect the transfer adhering to the garment.