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Sawgrass Dye Sublimation Packages

Sawgrass have created their best Dye Sublimation printers yet and we have them here ready to sell!
Dye sublimation is a great process that allows you to offer your customers smaller runs, quick turn around times and durability - find out more about dye sublimation here!

We understand that buying machinery to start up your business or even grow your business is costly, especially when you have to purchase more than one peice of equiptment to acheive the final product so we've created some packages to reduce the total investment!

There are 3 different Sawgrass Dye Sublimation machines available to purchase and you'll find that we've created 3 types of packages for each printer we have.

The Sawgrass Dye sublimation printers come in the following: SG400 (for A4 size printing), SG800 (for A3 size printing) and the VJ628 which is 25" wide and great for wider formats and mass production.

* Any hardware purchased by credit card requires an approval process.

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)