3699 210GM GLOSS TRISOLV 1370MM x 50MT

Product Information

Sihl Gloss 3699 is a 210 g/m² premium, glossy photo paper for photorealistic prints for indoor and outdoor use.
TriSolv PhotoArt is the right choice for the production of photo, art and advertising prints for indoor and outdoor applications with solvent, latex and UV inks. This multicoated, weatherproof and water-resistant paper with a glossy surface finish impresses with a look and feel similar to photos and is characterised by very high colour brilliance and image definition. The material dries quickly even when printed with extremely large ink densities. This water-repellent product can be stuck to a wide range of smooth substrates such as wood or metal with wallpaper paste or double-side adhesive tape as easily as papering a wall. Prints are long-lasting and offer high scratch resistance and durability even without additional lamination.
Please note when printing with any of the 300 and 500 series HP Latex printer, to print roll to roll!


  • 210 g/m²
  • Gloss finish
  • Excellent colour brilliance with photorealistic reproductions
  • Homogeneous gloss in printed and unprinted areas
  • Water-repellent surface
  • High stiffness and scratch resistance
  • FSC® certified

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Physical Data:

  • Weight [g/m²] 210
  • Thickness (paper) [µm] 230  
  • Chromaticity (D50/2°) M0 L* 94.3 a* 1.1 b* -4.0 ISO 13655, M0 
  • Gloss (85°) 78 
  • Opacity [%] > 98


  • Latex, UV and Solvent inks
  • Walls
  • Large format photos

General tips:

  • Please note when printing with any of the 300 and 500 series HP Latex printer, to print roll to roll!
  • The ink amounts must be adjusted for the paper. Please reduce the single colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black (ink restrictions) and lower the ink limit. This will not only help keep costs down but will also improve your drying performance.
  • Please follow the recommondations the printer and ink manufacturer provide. To achieve desired results please check the preheating and drying temperatures of the media before printing.
  • Pasting application: after soaking, the paper should be kept in a seated plastic box to ensure sufficient wetness. We recommend keeping the TriSolv Paper wet for at least eight hours. Longer periods of time won’t have a negative impact on it. The user is responsible for appropriate microbiological precautions.
  • In the event that the paper is exposed to severe climatic conditions, or if it needs to be used for a longer period of time, lamination is recommended. It is advisable to protect the edges and corners especially if the billboard hoarding is regularly cleaned.
  • To maintain the high quality of the paper, it should be stored and converted in a climate of 30 – 65 % relative humidity and at temperatures of 10 – 30 °C (50 – 86 °F).
  • Please note Latex / IR hardening ink is not fully water-resistant.