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Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Film is a premium dual layer 80 micron super cast film for applications which require a high quality durable finish, superior conformability, and ease of application. For full vehicles wraps it offers unparalleled super high gloss or matte finishes as well as long term removability for the life of the film. Available in 65 colours and finishes and has a durability of up to 10 years on select finishes (click here to see durability) in Australian conditions.

Want to see what your car will look like wrapped? Check out the Avery Dennison Car Visualizer here

If we don't have the colour you are after, please call customer service on 03 8773 4100 to see if we can order it in for you.

*Actual Role size is 1524mm x 22.86m.
*Colours are a guide only.
*Sold by the metre.
*Starting price is for 1 metre.

Starting at $79.33
Prices exclude GST.

We deliver all over Australia! 
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What should I use to clean my vehicle?

We highly recommend Avery surface cleaner. This can be purchased from Conect in an easy to use spray bottle.

What preparation does my car need prior to wrapping?

Whether the car/van is 1 or 10 years old, we advise to wash it first with Autoglym Powermax III. This removes any paint protection that may have been applied. If the paint protection isn’t removed, the film will not adhere and will soon lift. Once the vehicle has been washed with Autoglym, dry it with a chamois and then clean it down with Avery surface cleaner. It is important to always use a clean rag.

What if my duco is in poor condition?

It is important to apply the film to a smooth surface. In cases where the clear coat is separating from the paint, it can be lightly sanded to bring it back to a smooth finish. Once this is complete you then need to wash it with Autoglym then clean with Avery surface cleaner. A warranty will only be issued if the paint work is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standard though.


How long do the films last?

The films are broken into four groups, with the durability based on vertical exposure. They are: black and white (10 years), colours (9 years), metallic (4 years) and the speciality films (3 years). This is for vertical applications. Horizontal applications are reduced by 2 years.

Can I wrap the inside of my car?

Wrapping the inside of cars is possible but isn’t covered by any warranty. More heat is advised, just to help with adhesion.

What are the best conditions to wrap my car?

An enclosed, dust free work place with plenty of light is ideal. Application temperature is minimum 10c with a maximum 25c. Applying films above or below these temperatures could lead to failures.

What tools will I need to wrap my car?

Starter kits can be purchased from Conect. These can include: applicators, knife, magnets, gloves, surface cleaner, snitty, laser temperature gun and a tool belt to safely hold all your tools while you wrap. Most importantly, you will need a heat gun.

Can one person wrap a car?

It is possible to wrap a car solo, using magnets as your extra pair of hands. It is however, easier and we highly recommend to wrap with two people. Extra set of hands and eyes is always beneficial.

Do I need a heat gun to wrap my car or boat?

Combined with the laser temperature gun, a heat gun is one of the most crucial tools when it comes to wrapping. A heat gun is used to assist when it is required to conform the material.

What happens if I over heat and over stretch the film?

Once over heated and stretched the film will discolour. Once this occurs, the film is practically unusable.

Will heating and stretching the Carbon Fibre & Brushed Metallic Range distort the design of the film?

Speciality films such as Carbon Fibre and the Brushed Metallic’s have no laminate. This makes the film much more delicate and extra care needs to be applied when installing. Over heating and stretching will distort the material much easier than the standard range.

Where do I go to get my car wrapped?

Simply call Conect Carrum Downs and speak to a friendly customer service representative, who will be able to point you in the right direction.

Post Heating:

What is the best way to reach 90 degrees Celsius when post heating?

By gradually moving the heat gun over the desired area, you can slowly build up the heat to 90c. Be very cautious when post heating and make sure you don’t hold it in the one spot.

 What is the best temperature guide to post heat the film?

An Avery temperature gun will give you the most accurate reading when post heating. Gradually heat the area, then face the heat gun away and use your laser to test the temperature. Make sure the heat gun and laser aren’t pointing on the same spot, otherwise it will give you an inaccurate reading.

What happens if I get a bubble in the film during application?

Avery supreme wrap has a bubble free technology adhesive. This allows bubbles to be pushed out without re lifting the material.

What happens if I get a crease in the film during application?

Creases are usually a nightmare when they occur. Not with Avery supreme wrapping film. If you come across a crease and it cannot be pushed out, gently peel the film back and apply a small amount of heat. You will quickly see the crease disappear and the film reset to its original state.

How long should you wait before you post heat the vehicle?

Post heating should be done once the car is complete or if it takes longer than a day, post heating should be preformed before leaving for the day.


How long are the films removable for?

Avery supreme wrap films are removable for up to 5 years.

What is the best way to remove the film?

A heat gun will be your best option. In pairs is easy as one will heat and the other will slowly remove the film.

How should I maintain my wrap?

A wrap should be treated the same way you would treat a paint job. Washed at least once a fortnight. Conect do sell wrap care packs which include polish, wax and an anti-scratch washing mitt.

How long should the vehicle be kept out of the sun after wrapping?

Once you have post heated the wrap and it cools down, the vehicle will be fine to be placed out in the sun. If anything the sun will help the adhesive settle.

 Digital Wrap FAQ’s:


MD-X is the new age wrapping film. With it's 50 micron film it makes MD-X ultra conformable and the thinnest calndered film ever produced.  MD-X is also produced with the METAscape air release adhesive system, for easy application on compound curves as well as moderate recesses.

Avery MPI 1005:

Avery MPI 1005 is made with the same adhesive as Avery supreme wrap. Being a digital print film, when applying, you do need to take extra care especially when conforming into recesses or around curves. You can basically treat this the same way you would install the specialty films.

How long do my prints need to out gas before application?

For solvent prints you should allow at least 48 hours for out gassing.  The best method is to hang the prints or it can be achieved by lightly rolling the print on the core. Make sure it is loose, so the air can penetrate the layers and fully dry the ink. For Latex prints you can either laminate or install them straight away.

Do all prints need to be laminated?

Not all do but it is advised to laminate all prints. Laminating a print that is going outside will help protect it from minor scratching but most importantly UV.

How long do prints last without laminate?

This all depends on the material you use and its best to check with the corresponding data sheets. Usually solvent prints without laminate will last up to two years in outdoor conditions. 

Are printed wraps easier to install with laminate?

With laminating your digital media you add up to another 70 microns which when applying wraps, makes it a lot easier to handle. When prints are too thin, you run the risk of distorting the image by overstretching.


How do I size up and create my graphics for install?

Graphics can be sized up through different sign and design programs. The most common programs are Flexi Sign and Adobe Illustrator. For car templates you can purchase a program called Fastcars. This has all the latest templates and sizes for most common vehicles.