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FOREVER is new to the Heat Transfer range offered by Conect.

FOREVER offers a range of Transfer Papers and Foils, which you can produce self-weeding transfers in white, metallic and neon colours.


The 2-Paper-System when using Flex-Soft from FOREVER gives amazing and consistent results.
First print on the transparent A-Foil, press it together with the dark opaque B-Paper LowTemp and separate both sheets from each other while hot.
Now, you have white coverage on the image through the B-Paper LowTemp, which not only increases the opacity of the transfer on dark garments but also contributes to its washability. Both steps are done at the same temperature. The application tolerances are extremely high, reducing handling errors and allowing the user high flexibility.

FOREVER Subli-Flex 202, not only is it possible to print brilliant colored designs onto bright polyester garments, but you can even transfer Subli-Flex 202 onto dark cotton textiles without any color-loss. Subli-Flex 202 is a cold peel transfer paper for light and dark colored textiles made out of 100% cotton.

FOREVER Hot Stamping Foils, used in conjunction with the SISER P.S Adhesive you will be able to produce a wide range of unique decorative designs on garments.



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12 Item(s)