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MetaWrap MD-X is a 50 micron Cylinder Cast digital wrapping media, MetaWrap has the MetaScape air release adhesive system to allow quick and easy application on compound curves as well as moderate recesses. The soft film has been developed to flow and conform over the most challenging surfaces making it ideal for total vehicle wraps. The grey blockout adhesive will ensure vibrant graphics and minimal substrate show through, as well the ability to be cleanly removed. The film offers high levels of dimensional stability and brilliant colour reproduction on Solvent, Eco Solvent and Latex printers.
Overlaminates can be purchased separately.


  • 50 micron - Ultra-Conformable, Extensible Film
  • ‘MetaScape’ permanent grey solvent based acrylic with air channels.
  • External weathering up to 5 years unprinted

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Face Film:

  • Face Film Ultra-Conformable, Extensible Film 
  • Gauge (ISO 2286-3) 50 micron nominal

Adhesive Type:

  • ‘MetaScape’ permanent grey solvent based acrylic with air channels

Release Liner:

  • Print: ‘MetaScape’ print 
  • Weight: 140 gsm nominal 
  • Type: Structured layflat kraft with PE coating

Printing and Handling:

  • Suitable for use on Solvent, Eco Solvent, and Latex inkjet printers. Always perform a test print first.
  • Ensure that the correct profiles and heater settings are used. Most profiles are available for download from
  • Ensure that the material has reached room temperature and a relative humidity of 50% before printing.
  • Do not handle the face film directly and ensure it is free from dust and static.

Overlaminate MG-X:

  • Face Film: Cylinder Cast Film - 50 micron
  • Adhesive: Permanent clear pressure sensitive solvent-based acrylic with UV inhibitors
  • Release Liner: Print ‘Metamark Digital Vinyl’ grey print 
  • Weight: 140 gsm nominal 
  • Type: Advanced specially treated layflat kraft paper with high internal strength and PE coating
  • Finish Available: MG-X-005 Gloss - MG-X-002 Matt
  • External weathering 7 years European conditions
  • Overlamination is recommended to prevent abrasion, extends colour fastness, and also offers easier handling.
  • Allow the inks to cure before overlaminating, this is usually 24-48 hours. (Not applicable to HP Latex prints)
  • Allow a minimum of 24-48 hours for the solvents to dry off before application of the overlaminate, or to the vehicle, depending on the print and drying conditions this can often be in excess of 48 hours. Retained solvents will reduce adhesion levels.
  • Apply dry to ensure best adhesion. Use gentle heat to allow conformability. Do not overstretch as this will cause the application to fail.
  • After application ‘superheat’ the film into recesses at 100-105°C.


  • External weathering 7 years (unprinted - European conditions)