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Siser Sublimation Markers are now available in 3 different packs: Primary - Pastels and Black.

Patented sublimation inks now in the form of markers, create personalised hand drawn designs and press onto any sublimation blank like mugs, keychains, coasters and even polyester clothing!

Siser Sublimation Markers look and feel like a normal chisel tip marker, but they have a sublimation ink inside that needs heat to transform it into gas and the pressure applied forces the gas onto the blank or garment where it turns back into a solid permanent design.

  • Black pack contains 2 Fine, 2 Chisel and 2 round tips
  • Use normal copy paper - Do NOT use sublimation paper
  • Store Siser Sublimation Markers flat on their side
  • 15 minutes before use turn marker tip down
  • Lettering needs to be in reverse
  • Use parchment paper as a cover sheet

Check out the information sheet below for heat applications.

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